How do I Register for swim lessons? It's easy as 1,2,3

1. First fill out our questionnaire

2. Find the day and time you would like you child to attend for their age http://norrisrec.org/documents/Norris_smBooklet_Fall13_5.5x8.5.pdf

3. Call up the Norris at 630-377-1405 to register with a credit card or come out and visit us. You can register at the front desk.

If you know the swim level of the student you may inform our staff at the time of registration, but if not, don't worry, we will evaluate your child during the first lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Norris Rec. Center Swim Lesson Program

How much do you charge for lessons?
We have 2 price structures for group lessons. We have a 30 minute class price for our Tot and Preschool classes and we have a 40 minute class price for Youth and Adult lessons. Our pricing and class descriptions are given in the Aquatics/swim lesson section at www.norrisrec.org. Additionally, members of the NRC receive 20%-25% discounts on their lessons.

Do I need to bring anything to the lesson?
Just a swimsuit and towel. Goggles are encouraged for our preschool levels and up; but are optional.

Our younger patrons not yet potty-trained are required to wear a tight-fitting swim diaper, reusable rubber pants (would be beneficial) and a swim suit.

Should my swimmer bring goggles?
Goggles are optional; however, we do encourage the use of goggles. In a swimming lesson, goggles encourage correct horizontal body position because the child is inclined to keep their head down and look at what is under the water. Goggles are great for beginners because when children are able to see clearly, they often relax and have less anxiety. Goggles are generally used in the instructive portion of the class and then are removed for the water safety portion of the class so that children can learn to react with wet eyes. Parent/tot participants do not need to wear goggles.

How early should I arrive for lessons?
We encourage families to come 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the lesson. This gives the child a chance to transition and prepare for their lesson.

Are parents/caregivers allowed to watch from the pool deck?
Absolutely! We have bleachers available for parents /caregivers to observe and encourage their swimmer while the lesson is in progress.

We do ask that parents/caregivers hold any questions/comments till the end of the lesson. Trying to communicate to the teacher or your child during the lesson can be a distraction for all the swimmers and the instructor. Please feel free to talk to the instructor before or directly following your child’s lesson.

Do Parents need to be in the water with their child?
The only classes parents are in the water with their child is the parent/tot series. All other classes Angelfish through Youth lessons are without the parent.

Should I tie back longer hair?
Yes! Longer hair tends to cover the eyes and mouth which can present quite a challenge when trying to swim. Please tie back longer hair or cover it with a swim cap.

How do I keep up-to-date on swim class schedule changes?
Your deck supervisor will make announcements of any changes to the schedule. Additionally, we have a bulletin board and white board in the pool area at the east end of the pool. The bulletin board has the yearly calendar as well as other important information and the white board is used to communicate upcoming events and changes in the schedule.

Do you offer make-up lessons or refunds?
One make-up class is held towards the end of each session. If you want your child to participate, you must register by contacting Anna at ahutchinson55@yahoo.com or Colleen at ck1dragons@aol.com. Your child must be enrolled in the session in order to participate in the make-up class. Make-up class dates are posted.

Refund Policy: refunds are only granted in documented (dr. note) medical or relocation circumstances. In-house credits are issued if you give cancellation notice prior to start of the session.

When can I expect to receive a progress report/certificate advising me of my child’s advancing skills?
We hand out progress reports / certificates every 8 weeks. Our experiences tell us that 8 weeks gives your child the chance to develop skills that are measurable and definable. The progress reports/certificates are intended to be positive reinforcement of the hard work your child has put into each lesson.

When does the NRC Swim Lessons break for holidays?
New Year’s Day
Spring Break for School District 303
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Break for School District 303
Christmas (closed for approximately 2 weeks)

As our pool facility is part of the St. Charles East High School, we will have swim class days that are cancelled due to a high school event taking place in the pool. These dates are posted on the swim lesson bulletin board in the pool area and on our website.